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About Chris Powell.net

Company History

Chris Powell, founder of Chrispowell.net began performing search engine optimization in late 1996 privately for friends in the travel and real estate industries. This was before search engines were commonly used and years before the existence of Google and Bing or even the term “search engine optimization. At the time, he had very little idea that SEO would become the unique and challenging industry that it is today.

In the year 2000, we officially launched our first site, 007 Search Engine Placement, and watched as our site moved quickly to the top of Yahoo, AOL, Inktomi, Lycos and Alta Vista for major keywords like search engine optimization. Unfortunately, at this time very few people had heard of search engine optimization and even less people knew what search engine optimization was, so we ultimately gained most of our clientele from referrals and as a result continued on that path through most of the last decade.

Today, we operate as San Diego Search Engine Services, under the website Chrispowell.net. We still maintain much of our focus on our historic industries of expertise, which include travel sites such as boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts, real estate websites, websites for the medical profession, and retail websites.


Chris Powell began performing SEO in 1996, while he attended the San Diego State University MBA program where he focused on marketing and entrepreneurship. His first onslaught into search engine optimization came about after attempting to hire a company to perform the service for a travel business he had started while attending University. He quickly realized that it was very difficult to find someone who knew what they were doing and would do it for a reasonable price. At that time, he made it his mission to learn the industry and rapidly gained knowledge quickly becoming one of the top experts in the industry.