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Social Media

Social Media has evolved beyond a trend; it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We can insure that your company is not left out of the ever-expanding social media world by becoming an effective social media manager for your company or small business.

Social Media Marketing and SEO
Combining Social Media and Search Engine Optimization should be a mutually beneficially process. Social Media provides a space for original content, inbound links, and keyword placement, which are major tenants of good SEO practices. Alternatively, enlisting in an SEO/SEM service for your social media marketing needs will bring in more users via organic web search and improve ranking of both your website and your social media sites.

Social Media Consulting
Social media management can include regular Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and blog updating with client approval and involvement as desired. We also function as social media consultants, helping you to set up and maintain your social media sites, such as Linked-In and Yelp, with SEO practices in mind. If you already have employees dedicated to social media, we can work in tandem with your staff and bridge the gap between traditional marketing and search engine optimization. We stay up-to-date on ever evolving social media trends and the most effective ways to boost your website’s search engine rankings via effective social media marketing and best SEO practices.

Social Media Strategy
A social media marketing campaign will not be effective if handled in the same way as conventional SEO or SEM campaigns. This is because social media requires a constant, user focused, permanent approach to marketing. Good social media strategy will integrate consumer/client communications and market research with advertising, linking and optimized content in the form of interesting information and informative articles. We can set up blogs such as Wordpress or Blogger to engage the public and promote your website. We utilize social media SEO methodology including ease of sharing on all platforms, keyword focused strategy, linking tactics and methods specific to the individual social media sites.

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