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Search Engine Optimization for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry

Search engine optimization for hotels as well as other forms of search engine marketing can be a challenging, but important component of hotels’ marketing strategy. When a hotel gets direct bookings via their website it saves money. There are no commissions or revenue sharing fees and that means more for your bottom line.

Search Engine Optimization for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry

Hotel search engine optimization can be challenge, especially in larger, more competitive online markets. Not only are you competing with your actual competition, the other hotels and accommodations, but there are also thousands of online wholesales, aggregators, review sites and directories that you must beat out for those top few precious rankings. In many instance less than half the results are from actual hotels and in the more competitive cities or destinations there may be hundreds or thousands of hotels.

SEO Strategy for Hotels

We generally see our strategy as more online marketing for hotels. While it can be of great benefit to be on the top page of the organic search results for your city and hotel, or in some cases country, destination, or even neighborhood with hotel(s), it is also important to look at other areas where your site can gain traction. A couple of the most important ones include: getting a top listing in Google Places, which can be as good or better as a first page organic result; Tripadvisor and similar review/ranking sites for hotels and other hospitality options like bed and breakfast, inns, vacation rentals, etc; (I have actually had clients in small markets that have received so much traffic via their Tripadvisor listing that they were full practically year round).

What can we do for your hotel or accommodation?

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