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Keyword Consulting

Keyword analysis and development is the first step in implementing any SEO or SEM strategy simply because keywords are how consumers find websites in search engines. Many marketers and web designers are not aware of this basic tool or are not experienced in its practice; choosing a Search Engine Optimization team that understands how SE ranking algorithms work can lead to more unique visitors on your site and, consequently, a thriving business. Whether you have a site already set up or if you’re starting from scratch, our search engine experts can help you determine if search engine marketing and optimization is right for your company, develop a plan and apply it both on and off your website.

Keyword Research
We use a variety of keyword analysis tools to target the best keywords and key phrases for your website based on your industry, specialty, and the popularity or search volume for those terms. Competitor keyword analysis is a vital part of this process because it helps hone in on how consumers are finding similar businesses in your industry, how these businesses have achieved their high rankings and to determine the level of competition present for any given keyword or key phrase.

Keyword Strategy
As mentioned previously, our keyword strategy involves both on-site and off-site placement. Strategy is tailored to each individual client and website, but in general, keywords can be utilized in the following ways:

  • Keywords in Site Design: URL structure, titles and Meta tags, text based links for site navigation
  • Keywords in Content: press releases, articles on blogs, content on related websites
  • Links and Keywords: targeted text links, advertisements, paid search inclusion (PPC, Google Adwords)

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