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Organic Search Engine Optimization Services

While the term search engine optimization can be misconstrued as the entire sector of search engine marketing (organic search, pay per click, local search, shopping search, etc.), the definition of organic search engine optimization is specifically optimizing web pages and sites for non-paid, non-specialized, natural search results, primarily in Google and Bing. This is our specialty and where we truly excel.

Our Search Engine Optimization Strategies

We believe in doing things the right way. We use white hat SEO tactics and are take great care without clients’ sites.

Our optimization strategy focuses on a few primary areas listed below in order of our opinion of importance:

1. Offsite Factors (Links and Reputation)

With all the changes that have occurred over the last several years, and that occur on a continuing basis in Google and Yahoo, we still believe the most important ranking factor is Google is the incoming links to your site, both what they say, and where they come from are of extreme importance.

2. Onsite Technical Factors

A site can’t rank if it can’t be indexed. Some programs and content management systems use technology that makes it difficult, or in some cases not possible for search engines to index sites. While this is rarely an issue on sites that we work on, it is an essential factor to monitor.

3. Onsite Algorithmic Factors

Very simply, your pages, especially your home page and very popular pages, need to include the keywords that you are targeting in important places like the title tag, the meta description tag, incoming internal and external links, and especially the body text or content. Without this, it becomes extremely difficult for your site to rank for any competitive keywords.

3. Understanding the Market

We also refer to this as keyword analysis, but it is incredibly important that clients understand what keywords and phrases they need to target. While many companies are very in tune with this, some are not, and a little outside perspective is always good. We base our information on data from tools such as the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool, and by studying successful competitors in sites like Alex. There is a vast amount of information available. It is simply a matter of knowing where to look.

4. Quality of Content and Freshness

Search engines look at user behavior and your site’s rankings will be affected significantly by how your users, especially those who come from Google, behave. Google tracks user behavior and if they see that you have a very high bounce rate, your ranking will plummet. Likewise, if visitors come to your site and stay there this will help your ranking. Search engines also love fresh content. The more frequently your content is changed, the higher you should rank and the more often you will get indexed.

What we do

Our services can vary greatly depending on a client’s needs and budget, but generally when we perform organic search engine optimization services, we focus on link building and reputation, on-site algorithmic factors and understanding the market. More often than not, we depend on the clients to build quality and fresh content.

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