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Search Engine Focused Design Process


Our true expertise is in optimization ,but design and optimization can be very inter-connected. How your site is built, can have a great impact you its ability to rank across the board, and when we work with you to design and develop your site we make sure that search optimization is a factor through the entire process.

Our Design Process

Our process can vary depending on your individual situation, but when starting from scratch with no ideas, or artwork/logos, it generally goes as follows:

Logo Development and Color Schemes

With your input, we will have our designers create a few logos based on different designs and colors. This can usually be completed within two to three revisions. Based on your logo preferences we will move forward and attempt to determine a color scheme for your site.

Site Architecture

We will work with you to determine the appropriate architecture for your site. It is important that this is done with great care as this will impact everything else on your site going forward. While content is not yet needed, it can be beneficial to begin creating content for your primary pages. This allows us to proceed more quickly in later stages of development.

Site Layout

It is our preference to work closely with the client on the site layout and design. While some of this will be based on the logos, color schemes and architecture, there are still many options moving forward. We generally prefer the client provide us with a series of sites that they like and we can work to create a design that features important aspects of each, while at the same time being your own unique presence.


Content can also vary greatly from site to site. We generally depend primarily on the client to provide content as it is you and your team who know your business best. In some cases, particularly with retail and ecommerce, data may be available for input via a database. In such cases it is often important to fine tune this content to make it unique. In other cases, content must be built from scratch. This can be a challenging and time consuming process, but you will find it is a process that is worth doing right.

Backend Development

In cases where backend development is needed, we will work with you to determine the best approach to your project. In some cases, pre-existing applications may exist that with a little programming can meet your needs. In other cases, programming may need to be done from scratch. Our programmers specialize in asp.net and php development.

Domain Services

In cases where clients are truly beginning from scratch and do not have a domain or hosting, we can assist with determining and purchasing your domain name, as well as selecting a place to host your site.

If you are interested in design services please contact us today for a free consultation.