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Pay Per Click / Google Adwords Management and Consulting

Pay Per Click Marketing

Google Adwords and Microsoft Search Advertising can be very effective tools for marketing your business online. This is especially true for new businesses that do not have a long standing reputation online, or the history and links required to display results at the top of the organic search results.

How Pay Per Click works

Pay per click advertising in generally terms is incredibly simple. You get to pick the keywords you wish to show up for, and you bid against other companies that also wish to show up for the same keywords. A combination of factors: including who has the largest per click and daily budget, which site gets the highest click through ratio, and what sites are the most relevant can all come into play.

The negatives of PPC advertising

The big negative with PPC advertising is that it can get extremely expensive. In the case of businesses that are totally dependent on pay per click advertising it is very possible that an increase in rates or a bidding war can literally bankrupt you and put you out of business.

Our Par Per Click Strategy

We believe that pay per click marketing should be a part of a larger online marketing strategy. As with other aspects of your online marketing, it is important that you monitor your traffic and your conversions via PPC and with this you can generally determine what is effective, what is not and where you should spend more money, less money or stay the same. We generally prefer to target a wide range of “long tail” keywords which we group into specific campaigns. “Long Tail” is generally more affordable than the more highly competitive keywords and if you have enough of them can get you substantial traffic at a reduced cost.

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